Ralf Kleemann - Harpist

Ralf Kleemann - Harfe

On his instrument, Ralf Kleemann presents a cross-section of old and new European and Celtic music with a fresh spirit and unexpected turns. Next to well-known standards, his program consists of a growing number of original compositions. The player always leaves plenty of room for following spontaneous impulses and allows the sound of his harp to do the talking, so that the audience can re-discover this instrument, far away from the mainstream, from a completely new angle.

Having played the piano for many years, he then fell in love with the harp and has since been refining his very own harp music style. Shortly after finding the instrument of his heart, he published his first solo album, "Phrydotia". Among his teachers and tutors were Kim Robertson, Eva Ignatjeva and Park Stickney.

After living and working in Ireland for some years, where he got the inspiration for his second solo album, "Tides", he found his way back to Germany recently and can be heard on concerts and music festivals, presenting his latest compositions that display the full character of the new Celtic harp. "Hugs & Kisses", his third solo album, is the result of diverse inspirations during concert trips across Europe, with the fourth album "Finistère" being dedicated to Brittany.



After three years of playing the harp, Ralf Kleemann was awarded with the »Prix d´Improvisation« at the International Celtic Harp Festival (Rencontres Internationales de la Harpe Celtique) in Dinan, Brittany.

Together with the three-harp-project Trio Modal he won the German Folk Promotion Award (Deutscher Folk Förderpreis).


Ralf teaches Celtic harp on a regular base and holds classes and workshops about Arrangement, Improvisation and Jazz. He has frequently been part of international music festivals in Germany, France, Italy, Scotland and Switzerland.


Other projects include work on audio plays, assignments as studio musician with the harp, and a mobile recording studio specialising in acoustic recordings. Harp parts for film score and audio books are provided on short notice when a real instrument with all its natural richness is the preferred choice.

More about these and other activities can be found on kleeworld.com.

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